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Read our articles (in Chinese) on Chinese and multilingual computing on the Mac.

Pinyin Dictionary transliterates Chinese characters (or hanzi) to romanized forms. It supports many romanization or phonetic systems including Hanyu Pinyin, Zhuyin (Bopomofo), MPS 2, Wade-Giles, and Tongyong Pinyin.

New in 2.1.1: (7/7/2009)

  • Customizable Return key behavior.

New in 2.1.0: (10/13/2008)

  • Punctuation marks and line breaks can be preserved.
  • Resizable main window and text input field.
  • Word segmentation. (Mac OS X 10.5 or later is required.)
  • Option to disable tone marks.
  • Option to show only one reading for each character.
  • Fixed errors in Wade-Giles and Tonyong Pinyin.

New in 2.0.1:

  • Fixed an issue which prevented some simplified characters from being recognized.

New in 2.0.0:

  • Support for Traditional and Simplfied Chinese characters.
  • Ability to transliterate multiple characters at a time.
  • Ability to indicate tones by diacritical marks.
  • Option to turn off undesired pinyin systems.
  • Universal Binary.

System Requirements:

  • A Mac with a PowerPC or Intel processor.
  • Mac OS X version 10.2 or later.

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